Compact Forge

$ 300.00

This little forge is based on one built for me by Len Landrum of East Tennessee at least 10 years ago.  One of the hard things about shop equipment is that entry-level stuff is usually junk, and needs to replaced with better stuff pretty quickly.  This is not an entry-level forge.  This is a small forge.  Even though I have a much larger forge, I still use this forge weekly because it is handy and heats up very quickly.  I built a couple of these to use in my bladesmithing classes, and since then I have had several requests to build more.  

These forges are made from insulating firebrick, and encased in heavy plate steel, welded all the way around.  The opening is large enough to easily fit stock 3" wide, and even a sword can be made with this forge because the opening in the rear allows it to be slid through so that only the section you are working on is getting heated.  

This will get to over 2000 degrees F, and although it's possible to forge weld in here, I do not recommend a steady diet of borax flux as it will dramatically reduce the life of the forge.  

I believe in having a designated oven for heat treating, but you can use this forge if it's all you have available.  Smaller blades are quite easy and blades 8-10" long are possible with a little practice.

The forges comes with everything pictured in the white background photo.  Forge, adjustable work rest, burner, hose and regulator.  It can be connected to a standard 20 lb. (BBQ size) propane tank where it will generally get 6-8 hours of forge time on a full tank.  There is a threaded 3/4" coupling welded to the bottom of the forge.  I recommend getting a piece of threaded 3/4" pipe (from a local hardware or plumping store), however long you want, in order to mount and secure your forge to something solid.  A full base can be fabricated from steel, or you can take a piece of 4 foot pipe, sit it in a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with concrete.  Make it as simple or as complicated as you want.  

Happy forging!

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