Camp Axe

$ 1,100.00

This axe represents the best of what I've come to like about small axe design, and they are spectacularly strong, durable and capable.  

Forged from 5160 with a hard head and a spring shaft, the main edge does wonders to limbs and the chisel spike is strong enough to drive through 1/16" mild steel plate at full-force without a scratch (soup cans therefore, aren't much of a threat). The natural forge texture is visible everywhere except the satin finished areas around the perimeter and near the edge.

The handles are either weathered wenge or curly maple and both are secured with African blackwood pins.  

The leather head case keeps it sharp and ready when you need it.

The main cutting blade is 3" long, the head is 6.25" across and the overall length is 12.75"

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