Custom Leather Belt

$ 90.00

Since I make fixed blade knives, also known as "belt knives", it seemed fitting to offer you a belt to match your knife rig.  I made myself a few belts before I started selling them several years ago, and they continue to be the best belt I've ever owned.  They are double-layered, fully stitched and made exclusively from Wickett and Craig skirting leather.  They feature the unique Weaver buckles in either Chrome or Brass hardware, and are available in Chestnut, Brown or Black.

Belts are available in three colors, Chestnut, Brown and Black.  Two widths, 1.25" and 1.5".  And the hardware in either Chrome or Brass.

It's very important to give me your correct belt size.  Belt size is not the same as your pant size.  Take a belt that you wear, and using a tape measure, measure from the hole you use to the attachment point on the buckle you wear it with.  This number is your belt size.  This is the number that you will put in the field for "Length".  If you have any questions, you should email me before you order. 

Your new belt will have 7 holes and you should find that the center hole is the one that fits best.  This way, you have a few inches of shrink / grow either way. 

Belts usually take about 2 weeks for me to make and ship.

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