Individual Skills Class: Nov 15-16, 2018 (Deposit)

$ 250.00


We're trying something new here and we'll see how it goes.  For anyone who has taken a class previously (here or somewhere else), and after going home and working on some knives, you've run into problems...things you realized you need help with.  This might be grinding or heat treating, finishing a blade or fitting a guard.  

Unlike my other classes, this class will not focus on finishing a particular project.  Instead, it will be a chance to take some time to get specialized instruction on that which ails you (limited to knife making problems, please).  Also unlike other classes, we are embracing the chaos by the possibility that there will be three students asking different questions and working on different problems.  That's ok, we (meaning me) can handle it (I think)!

I strongly request that this class is only for people who are building on some previous experience.  If you've never tried any of this before, consider taking one of the other introductory classes.  

This is a one or two day class, November 15-16, 2018.  In the spirit of total chaos, you can sign up for two days, or if you don't need that much help or don't have the time, just come for one day.  

Travel:  If you are thinking about traveling here for a class, here's some info.  There's a great local airport about 20 minutes from the shop called Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Blountville, TN (airport code: TRI).  There are several hotels very close as well.  The Fairfield Inn and Suites (Bristol, TN) and the Hampton Inn (Bristol, TN) are the closest, but there are many more just a short drive away. 

The class is $750 per person for the two-day class, and $400 for one day.  Please note: the above purchase button is charging a $250 deposit only.  The additional amount ($500 or $150 respectively) can be paid via check, cash or card when you arrive.  This new policy limits the amount of money I am holding for classes not yet given.  

Class is limited to three people (per day).  You must be at least 18 years of age at this time. 

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