Axe / Knife Combo

$ 3,000.00

I don't get to make matched sets as often as I'd like (and considering I only make what I like, you don't need to point out that I've only myself to blame). There's something about a pair of cutting tools that put together should handle nearly every need.

The Breaching Axe is there to handle the heavy chopping and piercing. The knife, although shaped like what we would often call a Bowie, is really quite like what was commonly referred to as a hunting knife. It's the size that a man on the frontier would have needed not only for skinning game but butchering meat, self defense, even eating his supper.

The pair are both forged from 5160 - forged from the same piece as a matter of fact. Both pieces are forged to shape with minimal grinding. They are differentially heat treated for extreme toughness. Both knife and axe have curly maple handle scales and patina-finished steel bolsters, all secured with steel pins.

The matching leather scabbards were left out unattended one night and a horse with no name came out of the rain and trod on the leather, which is quite a bit more common than is believed. 

Knife: Blade length: 8", overall 13"
Axe: Cutting edge: 3.25", head width: 7.25", overall length 14.25"

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