Whether you want to start making knives yourself, of you just want the experience of building your own knife from start to finish, the classes listed here give you the chance to learn the process and make your very own knife (axe, sheath, etc.)

Below are class details and dates.  Unless otherwise noted, all classes are designed for the beginner with little to no experience in bladesmithing.  But you will still go home with a beautiful, functional knife that you have made yourself and the knowledge of how it was done.

IMPORTANT:  The classes shown below all require a $100 deposit, but $100 is NOT the price for the class.  Class prices are listed in the descriptions.  The balance is due when you come to the class in either cash, check or credit card.

If you would like to have a private class scheduled for you and a few friends, get in touch with me directly and we can work out some dates and details.