Allied Fighter - Micarta

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine began I, like most of us, was glued to the news every day, and began to think of knife designs that were ultra-robust, durable, and made for truly the hardest days of a person's life. 

The blade has a cross section inspired by the 1860 U.S. Light Cavalry Saber, ground with a deep hollow - wider than a fuller, with a prominent secondary rolled edge. The result is a blade that is lighter than expected, while retaining a brutally strong edge and point.  As I am doing more and more these days, I left the natural forge texture at the ricasso and spine, and the entire 80CRV2 blade is sandblasted and blued for a non-reflective black finish.

The guard is forged silicon bronze with a forced patina to ensure a subdued look.  The handle is black canvas micarta, which is about the toughest handle material you could ask for.  The thru tang has a brazed silizon bronze extension which runs through a steel plug at the butt and is peened in place, which is the strongest way I know to secure a blade to a handle.  

The sheath is reminiscent of the classic WWII and Vietnam-era knife sheaths (by companies like Randall and Ek) with a long drop loop, leg tie down, and an extra handle tie down for double security of the knife in the sheath.

Blade 7.5" long, overall 12.75"

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