"Firstborn" Bush Sword

This is the result of the first-ever live broadcast of a sword from conception to birth.  Think Truman Show where the star is wicked cutlery.  On October 22, 2016 Jason Knight and I began at 8am with nothing but a selection of steel and wood, and worked until 8pm that evening (with a couple hours for lunch), and what you see here is the result.  The entire event was broadcast on youtube. 

The finished piece is almost 27" of the fastest, sharpest steel you've ever held.  It is 232 layers of 1095 and 15N20 in a random pattern with an amazing ladder sub-pattern.  The shimmer off that secondary pattern eludes the camera, but it's wonderful in person.  The clip is just a few thousanths shy of fully sharpened, Jason ground one of his famously perfect fullers the entire length of the 20" blade, for a balance that has to be held to be appreciated.  The handle is a 7" of English walnut.

This very unique piece is being was sold via silent auction.

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