Combat #6

I am please to introduce you to a new knife I've been working on for some time now.  The new Combat #6.  The knives which fall into the category of true Combat knives are rare, partly because of the complexity of the weapon.  A Combat knife needs to be big enough, but not too big.  Strong, but not too thick.  A cutter, but not to be babied.  Natural to carry, natural to draw, natural to use.  The new Combat #6 has elements borrowed from my very popular Combat #4, but further refined.  The point is stronger, the handle just a little thinner while being a hair longer.   Blade tip is flat ground while the cutting edge is a thinner hollow grind.  Minor changes all, but at this level major improvements are all subtle.

In addition to my forged, Laminated Steel I am also offering a carbon steel version in 80CRV2.  I have used this new steel for a while now and I'm pleased with it's unique place in the spectrum of blade steels.  I am impressed enough that I chose to offer this new knife in a slightly more attainable non-forged version in both blued and bright finishes.  All of the new knives are heat treated here, ground with the same care as the most pricey exhibition-grade knife, and delivered in a leather sheath that is cut and sewn and finished twenty feet from where I am sitting. 

I am confident that whether you need a solid daily carry knife, a dependable addition to your bug-out bag, or the best last-ditch weapon on your gear, the new Combat #6 will speak for itself what it is capable of.

In addition to the blade steel options, you also have the choice of a black or chestnut sheath. 

To purchase, visit my Available page here.

Blade length is just over 5" with an overall length of 10.25" 

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