Combat #5

The Combat #5 is the big brother to the versatile Combat #4.  It's the same knife but with a 2" longer blade and an integral double guard.  

The blade is forged from my stainless / carbon laminated steel (420 stainless with a 1095 core).  There is forge texture left on the ricasso and spine of the blade.  The knife is a full, tapered-tang with an integral guard.  In keeping with the utilitarian purposes of the knife, the clip is unsharpened.

The handle is carved canvas micarta, which gives a great wet grip with or without gloves.  The single finger groove also helps index the hand to the handle and provides a solid memory point.  The butt of the handle has a flare and drop that I am a big fan of.  The hardware is stainless with a lined lanyard hole.  

The sheath is a new design.  Really, this is the semi-pouch sheath but for a knife with a double guard.  The knife is secured deeply in the sheath, and even with the keeper unsnapped, the knife sits securely making sure it comes out only when you want it to.  It's a high-ride sheath made to fit up to a 1.75" belt.

Blade length is 7.4" with an overall of 12.25"

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