Ardmore Darkside - Laminated

$ 400.00

The Ardmore is Gaelic for a great height, just the place you'll want to take your new forged Darkside knife.  (Alternatively handy when get something off a high shelf and a few extra inches can help.)  

The blades have been left slightly thicker than previous Darkside knives for a fuller grip, while the edges have been hollow ground very thin for easy, aggressive cutting. Blade is 3.25" with an overall of 7.5"

Blackout blades are 80CRV2 and are $375 each.  Laminated blades are 410 stainless with a 52100 core and are $400 each.  

The sheath is my standard leather-over-kydex multi-carry sheath which can carry vertical, horizontal or as a neck knife.      

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