Combat #6 - Maple

$ 725.00

A Combat knife needs to be big enough, but not too big.  Strong, but not too thick.  A cutter, but not to be babied.  Natural to carry, natural to draw, natural to use.  The Combat #6 has elements borrowed from my very popular Combat #4, but further refined.  The point is stronger, the handle just a little thinner while being a hair longer.  Minor changes all, but at this level major improvements are all subtle.

This blade is 80CRV2 with a parkerized finish on all exposed steel. Parkerizing is super durable, as proof see millions of military firearms.  The handle is satin finished, toasted curly maple which is stabilized and secured with black micarta pins.

The airbrushed chestnut leather sheath is my semi-pouch style, in a right handed, high-ride carry.

Displayed on an old, military issue Point Blank body armor vest.

Blade length is 5" with an overall length of 10.25" 

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