Damascus Nakiri

Yeah, ok...this isn't a real Nakiri.  I make no pretence about being faithful to traditional designs, and I'm not going to start now.  But this piece is faithful to the Nakiri concept as it has a long contact edge with a slight curve near the end and a rounded point.  

And before you ask, no the point didn't break off.  Yes, I intended for it to look like this. It's quite slick actually and the wide blade makes thinly slicing veggies a blast.

The blade is a woodgrain pattern of 80CRV2 and 15N20 steels. The handle is stabilized copper colored curly maple with micarta pins. The handle is six-sided, rather than eight because....well just because.

 Blade 7" to tip (6.4" cutting edge), 11.5" overall

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