Fang Bowie

This big, Laminated Bowie has teeth in so many places, it just had to be called the "Fang Bowie".  From the toothed pattern in the laminated blade, to the sharp points on the ends of the guard (my new favorite guard shape), and of course with a Dragon Skin sheath you know there are fangs there as well.  "All bite and no bark" so to speak.

The Laminated blade of this knife is nearly 11" long.  The guard is matte blackened carbon steel with a nickel silver spacer.  The handle is some of my spectacular spalted maple and there is a carved detail in the butt of the handle.  Balance is perfect for a knife like this, at about 2" ahead of the guard.  Overall length is 16.5"

The Dragon Skin sheath is a high-ride model which works for either right handed carry, or cross-draw worn on the left.  

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