Gent's Bowie

A gentleman's bowie (unlike a gentleman's club) is a classy piece of work meant to show that you have the kind of sophistication to stab and slice the fellow who cheated you at cards, while not messing your hair about.

As you're not a complete rogue, you don't need more than the 7-1/2 inch Damascus blade to get the unsavory work done.  Meanwhile the witnesses to the dirty deed will be impressed with your butchery as much as they are by the color case hardened fittings and the perfectly polished English walnut handle (because after all when it comes to walnuts, is there really any other kind?).  

The Dragonskin sheath is a high-ride affair, keeping the knife out of sight under your properly tailored coat until such time as defending the honor of your family name becomes necessary.  

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