Great White North

There are so many little things I wanted to do with this knife you may not even notice them all.  Basically I wanted a big knife that was defined by it's straight lines anywhere.  Even the plunge grind is a long, sweeping grind line rather than my usual crisp, straight cut.  The soft "S" shape of the blade is Laminated steel with a re-curved edge and a sweeping clip.  The bolsters are exploding stars in a field of night.  The handle is fossil walrus ivory, nearly white with only small patches of brown and blue.  Domed nickel silver pins hold everything together.

The sheath needed to have a tie-in with the knife, so I made the ivory teardop from a leftover piece of the ivory on the handle, and secured it to the antique brown steel belt stud with five little prongs of nickel silver.  Reminds me of a massive diamond.  The rest of the sheath is tooled in my ray-skin pattern.

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