Gunstock Fighter

For years I have gotten all of my English and Turkish walnut from a man who cuts top-shelf gunstock blanks.  The wood I have gotten from him is very good to spectacular.  In case you're wondering, this is what spectacular English walnut looks like.  Somewhere out there is a AAAA gunstock sitting beneath a first-class rifle that came from the same part of the same tree as this fighter.  In homage to that, I did something a little different and "capped" the end of the handle with African Blackwood in the same way rifle stocks are capped at the forend.  But this is a knife and not a rifle, so some concessions had to be made, like the junction of the two woods is curved, mirroring the curved top of the guard.

Speaking of the guard, it looks simple but it has a lot of curves that I normally don't put onto my guards.  The sides are concave, sweeping down into the handle from every side.  The top is curved with a vicious thorn on the tip.  

The blade of course is my Laminated steel, long and fast.  The sheath is a low-slung affair with a couple of tooled inlays.  

Blade Length: 8.5"
Overall Length: 13.5"

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