IBK 2023

I had a great guy named Ian who was a customer of mine for many years but has since passed away after a long battle with cancer.  He once asked me make him a fighter, and when he received it he called it the "IBK": Ian's Business Knife. When I hold this knife my thoughts go to Ian and I think he would have loved this knife for the same reasons: it feels like it's all business. So in honor of Ian and his great love of knives, I'm calling this the IBK 2023. He'd approve.

Forged Laminated steel blade (80CRV2 and 410 stainless) with forge texture and hand-finished blade bevels. Thorned guard is matte blackened steel, and the crisply sculpted handle is black canvas micarta with just a touch of accent courtesy of a single staineless spacer and pin.

The sheath is an all black high-ride affair with natural, undyed edges.

Blade length: 8.6", overall length 14"

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