Iron Star Bowie

This long, clip-pointed knife will feel right at home either in the woods or on your mantle.  I did some things I hadn't done in a while, and it was a lot of fun.

This blade is Laminated Steel (420 and 1095) in the ladder-pattern I love so much.  The blade looks and feels longer than it's 9.5", and is hand-finished.  The bolsters are Damascus in an exploding star pattern.  The wood on the handle was one of those pieces I was saving for something really special.  It has such a high polish that it is hard to get a picture of it.  It's spalted maple, but it is nearly black with radiant flecks of orange and gold.  Finally there are ten little domed nickel silver pins holding the whole thing together.  

I was so proud of the handle and the bolsters that like a good daddy, I didn't want to completely cover them up, so the sheath has that little window at the throat with a quilt and fire pattern on the body of the sheath.  The quilting and campfire tools are both ones I made, shown in the top photo above the knife.

The blade is 9-5/8" long with an overall of 14-5/8".

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