Jappalachian Shi-toku

In the time-honored tradition of coopting Japanese words because we think they sound cool, this knife is a Shi-toku.  It's also what most politicians do these days (did you see it?)

The blade is my Laminated steel of 80CRV2 with 410 stainless sides.  The core is radically distorted for an extreme shark's tooth core, flanked by forged texture remaining near the spine. 

The handle is a unique hidden tang construction that reduces weight, while the black micarta spacer half swallows the blade....mostly cuz it looks cool.  The handle is stabilized maple burl maple with a nickel silver spacer. There is a modified octagonal cross section to the handle, combining both curved and flat surfaces to enhance grip and security.

Knife comes with a handmade leather blade sleeve.

Blade length: 7", overall: 12.6"

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