Jappalachian Chef's Knives

My standard kitchen cutlery is a fusion of Japanese and the Appalachian mountains, where I live.  Japanese-style cutlery is made very thin and very hard, while western cutlery is thicker and softer.  Mine is a blending of the two, leaning further toward the Japanese.  The Laminated steel blades are forged to thickness, heat treated in salt, and completely hand-finished.  Combined with the offset, octagonal handles they are comfortable and put the edge and point in a natural line with your hand.

The handles are polished, stabilized hardwoods with paper micarta bolsters.  You probably don't need 10 mediocre knives, you need one or two great ones.  You will not find a knife that looks and works better in your kitchen.

These knives are standard models, and run $650-$800 depending on size.  If you want to inquire about ordering one, let me know.

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