Keyhole Fighter

Another example of a knife that came to life with paper and pencil not knowing if making it come together was even possible.  There are twenty individual arcs that curve into and out of each other, intersecting and flowing together to make a subhilt fighter that's as grabby to the hand as it is to the eye. 

The blade is forged laminated steel - long, sleek and pointy.  The one-piece subhilt guard was where it got interesting.  The solid 416 stainless guard was cut with two intersecting arcs, one larger than the other, and the English walnut handle had a piece removed so that it could be hand-fitted into the keyhole of the Thorn-pointed guard. The knife is built as a take-down - all held together by a heat-treated 440 stainless barrel nut at the butt. 

The sheath is Dragonskin with a reinforced, wraparound throat secured on the subhilt guard itself.

This knife was built as an effort to see if the design was possible from a technical standpoint.  However, the very nature of a subhilt is limiting and this knife is no exception.  If you have abnormally thick fingers, pass on this knife.  If you want a piece you can admire, or if you have average sized hands act quick.  This is the very first knife design in what will become a new family of blades.  And there's only one first.

Blade: 10"  Overall Length: 15-1/2"

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