Kitchen Utility

In 2011, I was asked if I could make a set of Laminated steak knives.  In an effort to make a knife that was not only practical but has some visual pop, while not costing a fortune (I needed to make 8 of them), I cane up with this knife.  Essentially a modified Darkside knife, the one unique feature is the thicker stock in the handle.  Though only 3/8" thick, it's amazing how just that much give it the feel of a "real" handle, and still has good grip from the forge texture. 

The steak knife deal never happened, so I happily kept this knife for myself.  Though technically a culinary knife, I have a kydex sheath for it, and have used it to butcher a deer in the woods, clean fish at the beach and a million other things - in the actual kitchen.

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