Jappalachian Chef Set

I love making matched sets, and although I don't do it as often as I'd like there's joy in the challenge of making the two knives match in all the places they need to, but in keeping them distinct so that together they can tackle a wide range of tasks. Think how much better everything will taste when prepared with these babies.  

Both blades are forged from my Laminated steel (410 stainless, 80CRV2 core), the core being 61RC while the stainless is left soft and springy. Forge texture is visible at the spine with the bevels being ground very thin and hand finished. Both blades hare hidden tang with black Richlite bolsters and toasted curly maple handles (stabilized). Blades come with fitted leather blade sleeves.

The big blade is a French pattern chef's knife, 9.4" long and 2" wide at the heel.

The smaller blade is a Santoku style, 6.25" long, 2.25" wide at the heel.

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