Large Laminated Chef

This full-sized chef knife combines elements from several styles, and I personally love the way it came out. The cutting edge has the curvature of a French pattern blade, with a K-tip and a slightly upswept spine, that flows into the sculpted handle.

The Laminated steel blade is forged from 410 stainless with an 80CRV2 core. Forge texture remains at the spine with hand-finished bevels leading to a very thin, hard edge.

The bolster is black Richlite and the sculpted handle is stabilized spalted maple with a beautiful flame of non-spalted wood on the presentation side.

Knife comes with a leather blade sleeve. (Sorry, but it doesn't come with the little forged spoon.)

Blade: 9.6" along the cutting edge long, 2.4" wide at the heel, 14.75" overall

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