Madera Fighter

Madera, Spanish for wood.  This fighter became defined by the material.  First of all, the blade.  It is made from a mosaic damascus that looks like wooden crates getting sucked into a black hole.  (Ok, that was a stretch...taking suggestions.)  I've seen cavalry sabres with a blade grind like this for years, and decided to try it.  It's not really a fuller the way you'd normally see it.  Really it's a deep hollow grind as the primary blade grind with a thicker section at the edge that is rolled to a convex edge.  It makes for a very light blade, and looks cool, too. 

The guard is satin stainless, sculpted into a flowing thorn at the tip, a blued steel spacer, and finally the nicest piece of Turkish walnut on my shelf.  The butt of the handle is carved to mirror the sculpting on the guard.  I put a lot of time into the super high gloss finish that lets you practically see into the wood. 

The sheath, in keeping with the theme is embossed with a wood grain pattern and capped off with a medallion of the same steel as the blade. 

Blade is 8.75" with an overall of 14"

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