Dragonfly Bowie

A heavily distorted mosaic pattern based on a simple feather pattern, this medium sized bowie has the feel and balance of a small camp knife.  The blade (80CRV2 and 15N20) has a kukri-esque recurved blade and sweeping swedge grind.  I call it a dragonfly pattern because that's what I see, but like images in the clouds you decide.  

The guard is color case hardened wrought iron forged from the wagon tire in the photo.  The irregularities in this unique metal create a more detailed color palate than is seen when using modern steel.  The pictures don't capture the way the grain flow is highlighted in the colors.  The fileworked nickel silver spacer provides a needed contrast between the bold colors of the guard and the bold pattern of the English Walnut handle.  The simple sculpting of the handle brings out the grain and makes it feel great in the hand.

The sheath is a high-ride model in Dragonskin leather.

The blade is 8" with an overall of 13.25"

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