Nemesis Bowie

There's a really amazing story to this unique piece. 

It turns out that one of the hands on the infamous voyage of the Pequod to hunt Moby Dick, was not lost in the sinking of the ship. Ishmael of course wrote that he was the only survivor because that certainly helps to sell books. But I recently learned that Gerald Talltale (known to his friends as Jerry), survived at sea after the infamous conclusion to the story of Moby Dick by floating on the carcass of the formerly great White Whale. He was able to navigate by starlight to the coast of Central America where he lived out the remainder of his days as a haberdasher and traveling magician.

He commissioned this piece to commemorate his harrowing tale by a local knifemaker (don't know the guy's name but he obviously did incredible work. Really something.) The constellations in the sky that he used for navigation are reproduced in the mosaic damascus blade, although experts have never been able to locate any constellations to match the patterns, leading some to question his account. The guard is steel, because....steel. That's all. The handle is carved from one of the bones of the great beast itself, because Jerry could be found in any company of listeners to re-tell the tale of how he'd handled that ol' whale. What a stud.

The sheath is a simple slip affair with, of course, a steel stud. You get it, right?

Blade length is nearly 7", overall length 12"

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