Ivory Gem Bowie

It can be a tricky game to put too many signature elements into one piece, but I think I crept up to the edge without going over. 

The recurved clip point blade is a deeply distorted damascus steel (80CRV2 and 15N20) with a forge-textured spine and ricasso. The Thorned guard is color case hardened steel, along with the flush-fit barrel nut used to disassemble the knife. The stainless spacer is satin finished and sports a very subtle curve where it meets the fossil walrus ivory handle. The handle has been shaped and sculpted to properly fit in the hand, while still leaving as much color and character to the creamy exterior as possible.

The sheath is a high-ride Dragonskin model with a polished piece of ivory from the same tusk, mounted like a gemstone on the front.

Blade length 10.5", overall length 16.25"

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