Northstar Fighter

Another fighter in the lose series of black knives, the Northstar Fighter is distinct because I squeezed black into more places than ever before. 

The blade is forged Meteor Shower Damascus - that's "Firestorm" pattern at night  :-), with a long, sharp clip that makes for a very fast blade.  The W-2 guard is sculpted with thorned tips to remind those on both ends of the knife that it means business.  Both the blade and the guard are slow rust blued over several days.  I have rust blued some parts before, but never a whole blade, and certainly never damascus.  I love the subdued result that cloaks the pattern in the steel, while still being totally visible.  The handle is African Blackwood, and the stainless pins are set into the path of a shooting star.

The sheath has a textured and polished North Star attached to Dragonskin leather.

The blade is 9.75" long with an overall 15.25".

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