Polar Bowie

$ 1,825.00

POLAR.  Not as in the cold places of this planet, but as in the idea of two opposing poles pushing and pulling against their opposites, yet unable to separate.  This knife was built around the idea of opposites pushing and pulling against one another, while eternally one.

This massive bowie was forged from W-2 round bar...like I did so much in the old days.  One piece of steel, treated with respect.  The blade is heat treated without clay, but has a peppered hamon near the spine.  The polish is meant to bring out the hamon without it taking over the rest of the knife visually. 

I spent a lot of time thinking about the interplay of color tones - opposites - on this knife.  I wanted the black and silver contrast present in the blade to repeat throughout the knife and its materials.  For the guard, I forge welded stainless to carbon steel and forged the guard into the arc I wanted it to have across the top.  The guard was then rust-blued over several days to create another black/silver combination.  The handle is AAA figured English walnut.  The last black and silver repeat is the take down nut and spacer at the butt. 

The massive blade is 12.25" long with an overall of 18".  Despite it's size, it is surprisingly light and fast, and balances 2" ahead of the guard - exactly where a big slasher should.

The sheath is Dragonskin, of course.

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