Re-Born Camp Knife

I have been working with our local rescue mission, The Haven of Rest for many years. They are a place that serves, feeds and shelters what society often thinks of as throw-away people.

My friend Roger lives at the mission and works in the thrift store where (like the people they serve), they take what other people otherwise throw away and give it new life. Roger took some of the old clothespins that came in and re-purposed them into little dollhouse rocking chairs. When he showed me all the little springs leftover - the throwaways from the throwaways so to speak, I had an idea. I had Roger bring them to the shop where we combined those little springs with powdered metal and forged them into a knife blade. Even the handle came from an old oak pallet we found behind the thrift store.

I am offering this special and most certainly one-of-a-kind piece to the person willing to make the most generous donation to the ministry of the Haven of Rest during this especially difficult time. You may email or message me with your offer. After all, we are all salvaged and by God's grace, made into something new.

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