Recovery Camp Knife

Restored...Rescued...Recovered.  Taking something which was once entirely other and after being used and used up it was discarded, only to be Recovered and given a new life.  This blade is made with my ladder pattern Damascus (80CRV2 and 15N20), then mated to wrought iron recovered from an old building in New England and a handle made from spalted curly maple, recovered from a pile of firewood and stabilized by my good friend and fellow bladesmith Mike Deibert (

The package mates old and new into a package that I am very pleased with.

The sheath is a high-ride model that I tooled and airbrushed, then after accidentally spilling a drop of dye onto the front panel, I "recovered" from my temper tantrum and splattered the entire thing with dye....always make it look intentional.  :-)

The blade is a big 8.5" long with an overall of 13.75"

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