Venture Fighter

What is it about a fighting bowie knife that feels so powerful, so primal when you hold it?  I wonder how many men from New York or Philadelphia in the mid19th century first planned to leave the comfort of hearth and home for the untamed spaces of the American West after holding just such a knife.  Do men today still dare to risk their comfort to see if they are made from the same salt as the ones before us?

8.5" blade of forged, Laminated steel with a hand-finish and a long, clip point, mated to a guard of some really intricate Turkish twist damascus.  The mating line between the guard and the amber spalted maple handle is curved along with the nickel silver spacer that ties them together.  The butt of the handle is carved in my signature shape.

The high-ride sheath (perfect for riding your horse) is tooled in a quilted pattern - the only reminder of the comforts of home.


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