Serpentine Camp Knife

This highly-forged camp knife is my very first standard model for a big, forged camp knife.  Hand-forged blades are necessarily very different from blade to blade, so making more than one is very hard.  I have been working on a procedure to give me consistent results that allows me to forge these to very close tolerances, and be able to offer this knife over time as a standard design.

There are so many great things wrapped up together in this one design, and that's one reason to make this knife the first of the breed.  The blade is forged from 52100 steel, with the bevels and fuller forged in, with only small amounts ground off and hand-finished leaving most of the blade covered in its natural forged texture.  The handle is natural curly maple, originally headed to Gibson Guitars, now (if I do say so myself) relegated to a much nobler life here on this knife.  The lanyard hole is lined with African Blackwood.  The deep pouch sheath is my Dragonskin leather with a "V" notch belt loop for versatile carry options.

Blade length is 9.75", overall is 15.25"

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