Steak Knife Set

$ 2,800.00

I have had a lot of casual requests for a set of steak knives over the years, but have never gotten around to making any.  Rather than wait for someone to order these, I just went ahead and had some fun with them.  There isn't likely to be another set of these knives in the foreseeable future, because this set was a labor of love rather than economics.  The block alone took as much time as it takes me to make a knife!

The blades are my laminated steel with the natural forging texture left on the blades near the spine with the bevels hand-finished to a very sharp edge.  The handles are African Blackwood with polished stainless steel pins.  The handles are slender and comfortable, while the upswept blade has the perfect shape for parsing your favorite red meat.

I wanted the knives to be featured as a table centerpiece for your next beast feast, so I made a block from a single piece of wenge, and textured it to reveal the grain that is such a signature feature of this species.  

I do recommend that as with all fine knives, they be used over wood or bamboo plates, and not ceramic or glass.  

The blades are 4.2" long with an overall length of 8.8" each.  

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