Thorn Bowie

When making a blade from Laminated or Damascus steel, I need to constantly be aware of how the forging process is affecting the pattern of the finished blade.  However with straight carbon steel, I can put all of my attention into the blade shape.  So I took a bar of the new 80CRV2 and stuck it in the forge and just enjoyed bringing it to life.  The blade is forged completely to shape - even the soft "S" curve on the clip was forged in that way.  This new steel is well suited to big knifes, and I've been very pleased with its performance. 

I enjoyed the outcome so much I decided this blade needed a proper handle and guard to match.  The Thorned guard is browned steel with a stainless spacer set against a stunningly rare piece of spalted curly maple.  The way the light plays on the figure of this wood is incredible.  The knife is also built as a take-down, so the heat treated O-1 barrel nut resting inside the stainless liner is removable and allows the knife to be totally disassembled. 

The sheath is a Dragonskin, high-ride model.

The blade is exactly 10" with an overall of 15.4"

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