Thorned Bowie

You might think that I sit at a blank sheet of paper and create these ideas - these themes for the knives I make.  Most often, they come about about as the knife takes shape and only at the end do I connect all the dots.  This big, curvy Bowie has little thorns appearing in several different places.  The 2-bar firestorm pattern steel exhibits hundreds of little thorns at the edge, right down the center and at the spine of the blade.  The guard points are very thorny indeed, as a big cut on my right hand can attest.  And then the pine needles on the sheath, all point toward a very organic, plant-like undercurrent in this knife.

The over 12" long blade as I've said is a 2-bar Firestorm pattern of O-1 and 15N20 steels.  The guard is a 5-bar pattern of Turkish twist and straight patterns, set against a couple of polished nickel silver spacers.  The handle is some exceptional English walnut that I couldn't bring myself to pierce with a pin, so it was left without and finished in a high gloss to bring out all the wonderful flash in the wood.  

The sheath is a zen-inspired pattern: Bonsai and rock garden.  

The blade is 12.25" long with an overall length of nearly 18". 

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