Heirloom Bowie

Another of my firearm-inspired bowies, the Heirloom Bowie borrows from some of the traditions of great firearms like color case hardening and spectacular English walnut.  But I've thrown in my own curveball in the form of the rustic forged texture on the blade...just cuz I love it.  

This is a hulking piece with a nearly 11" blade of random pattern Damascus (80CRV2 and 15N20).  The pattern is a direct result of the forging and the texturing process, so that each wave of the pattern follows the texture in the spine.

The guard is my Thorned pattern, made of mild steel and color case hardened.  The handle is English walnut with a satin finish that beautifully highlights the oily lines in the grain.

The sheath is a high-ride Dragonskin model, right handed.

Blade 10.8", overall 16.3"

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