Walrus Fighter

This mosaic Damascus pattern is intended to be extremely bold.  Loud.  Not subtle.  The crushed and distorted "W" pattern areas are offset by islands - black holes in an electric storm.  The pattern flows into the point and stretched down to the edge because the blade was forged to the final shape.

The thorned guard is another mosaic pattern, meant to convey the same feel as the blade, but not meant to be an exact copy.  The thin, polished stainless spacer is lightly file worked. The fossil walrus ivory is sculpted and polished for a perfect grip, and the entire knife can be disassembled by removing the matching Damascus nut in the butt, surrounded by a polished stainless ring.  

The sheath is a low-ride, right-handed model with some fine border tooling on airbrushed leather with a shield forged from matching Damascus.

(Buyers outside the U.S. will need to be aware that the international shipping of ivory, even legal ivory such as on this knife, can run afoul of your customs agencies.  Buy at your own risk.)

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