No longer in the 1990's February 8, 2015 14:30 6 Comments

Wanting to take advantage of that newfangled inter-web-net, in 2002 I paid a college student to build my first website.  Being what college students are, a year later I had to take over the work myself, which seems perfectly logical since I new nothing about computers and didn't care to learn.  You know, if you want run a small business, you will eventually find out what you stink at.  That's the time to hire somebody else.  Unless you're me.  So I spent all these years doing something for which I had no business doing - doing as it were, the thing that I actually depended on for business!  The software which was amazing tech in 1998, got so time consuming that I practically stopped updating the site altogether.  I even started watching youtube videos on how to write html code at night on the couch.  Time for a change?  Yeah, I agree. 

So a few months ago I began working in earnest toward a totally new website.  The term user-friendly has been over-usered for sure, but that's exactly what I needed - for me and for you.  I need a website that is easier for you, my friends and customers, to view my knives on the devices you use, and easier for me to keep it that way.  Hopefully all this change ends with me being able to do more of what I actually do best.

There will be a lot more moving parts than the old site, and as with anything new there are bound to be things you love, things you hate, and things that I just plain screwed up.  Please look around and let me know what you think, and where you'd like to see improvement.  I also have other updates and videos that are slated for the next couple months, so there's more to come for sure.

The blog section will be something I will try to take advantage of as well.  My knives are a very personal expression of who I am, and as such the blog will focus less on the knives and more on yours truly.  Like you, I have particular strengths and weaknesses and those influence my work ethic, my processes, my passions and my shortcomings.  In the blog, I will let you see (avert your eyes if you wish) a deeper picture of who I am and why I do what I do. 

More to come....