Bamboo Camp Knife

After I finished the Reptilian Fighter, I wanted to play.  So I turned on the forge, put in a piece of 1.5" diameter round W-2 bar, and let it heat to orange.  I let the knife grow into a big, curvy beast of a camp knife under the hammer, getting it so close to it's finished size before shutting of the forge that the hammer did the work normally reserved for the grinder.  It was forged so close to shape that even the plunges were forged rather than ground in.  Only the very edge was rolled to it's finished, sharp edge.  It is well balanced with just enough forward weight to be an amazingly powerful chopper without being heavy.

The handle is English walnut, finished in a non-reflective satin, attached with hidden pins.  The rattan bamboo wrap is both decorative and provides functional extra grip.  The lanyard tube is bamboo as well.

the deep pouch sheath is tooled and finished in an antique dark brown.

Blade length is 12" with an overall of 17.5"

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