Bronze Arrow Camp

I had a lot of fun with the journey of this knife.  The knife started out as a forged camp knife, but I thought it would be fun to meld the rustic nature of my forge-finished work, with the kind of fine details that would normally be seen only on more highly finished pieces.

The blade is 80CRV2, forged very close to shape including the forged fuller. The bevels are hand-finished, contrasted with the natural forge textures.

The handle is weathered wenge, attached by by six domed-head bronze pins and lined with fileworked bronze liners in a Thorn and Vine pattern, popularized by makers like Jim Schmidt and Tim Hancock, which was extremely popular in the 90's and early 2000's. I feel like the liners became the focal piece for the entire knife, since they are almost surprising on an otherwise brutish blade.

The sheath is my Dragonskin leather with a forged bronze arrowhead attached to the front. 

Once the piece was finished I decided to make a display stand for the knife, feeling like I needed to encourage the new owner to find a special place for it to live.  The arrowhead motif is mirrored in the stand, forged from mild steel, and hot-riveted together with a leather-lined cradle.

Blade length 11", overall length 16.75"

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