Buckeye CLI

The CLI, or Composite Laminated Integral is a knife I can claim as one of my few truly original ideas.  It's the most complicated way to make a very simple knife.  Complicating simple things is something I guess I do a lot - so says my wife.  

CLI's are Laminated but only the blade portion.  You can see in the third photo how the high-carbon core is only present in the blade, and leaves the tang comprised completely of 420 stainless.  After the laminating process the knives are forged to shape, just like integral knives forged from one piece of steel.  

The handle is stabilized California Buckeye burl with six domed nickel silver pins.  

I think the sheath is in keeping with the rest of the knife as it is elegantly simple yet fairly complex.  It is simple in that it lacks any ornamentation or tooling, and yet it has a unique design that's not only for holding the knife secure, it shows off the knife's best feature - the laminated spine.  The knife rocks into the sheath from the side, and is held secure with the large pouch-style flap, leaving the spine exposed.  

The blade is 5.5" long with an overall length of about 10.3"

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