Wandering Camp

Take this knife with you next time you need to get out and wander. It's a perfect size to be small enough to carry comfortably, but big enough to perform serious camp chores.

Forged from 80CRV2 with forge texture left almost everywhere except for the cutting edge and the false edge, which are hand-finished.

The handle is a piece of green dyed curly maple that I've had for at least 10 years. I never imagined that when I ground into it I would find that the dye had only partially penetrated leaving this beautiful pattern of forest green and natural maple. The handle is lined with water buffalo horn liners and secured with African blackwood pins.

The deep pouch sheath was left out at night and a miniature moose wandered across the leather, inspiration for you to do likewise.

Blade length 7.3", overall 12.5"

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