Pinnacle Recurve

Every once in a while it's fun to put it all out there, to see what will happen if you treat every surface, every feature like it's the best you know how.  I often stop short, not on quality but on ornamentation because of this practical streak I have.  Not here.

This massive knife - nearly a short sword, has a curved blade of my laminated steel with a deep fuller ground nearly the entire length.  Fullers make the blade lighter without compromising stiffness, and they look really cool. 

The handle is highly polished fossil walrus ivory.  The "bolster" which is really more of a midpoint spacer is mosaic Damascus whose curved edges match the ivory front and rear.  And finally something I haven't done in a while is a set of fully file-worked nickel silver liners in an old-school thorn and vine pattern.  The whole thing is held together with twelve hand-domed nickel silver pins.

The sheath is a cross-draw model with a quilted pattern.

The blade is 12.5" with an overall length of 18"

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