Bamboo Kukri

This blade was one I forged as a demonstration for some bladesmithing students, as an example of how a blade could be forged so close to shape that only very little finishing work needed to be done to make it into a functional tool.  The blade was forged to the exact shape you see here, and the only grinding done was the satin bevels of the blade.  Even the tapered tang was forged with a taper, finished straight and flat, and the scales were mounted directly on top of what left the anvil.  

The blade is 1084, forged from .25" x 1.5" stock.  The blade is through hardened with a spring tempered spine.  The scales are what I can only refer to as "bamboo" micarta.  It was originally thought to be maroon, but inside it is primarily yellow, with irregular splotches of maroon, which to my eyes, looks like bamboo.  The scales are thin, to leave room for the wrap which is done in a Japanese style, for an incredible grip.  

The sheath is a pouch style with faux leather overlays in brown against a chestnut background.

The blade is 10.25" long, with an overall length of 16"

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