Combat #4, Curly Maple

The Combat #4 is my most popular military-designed knife for several years now, and this is the updated version of the design.  The changes are subtle, with a little more hand room in the handle, and curves that are a little more pleasing to my eyes. 

The blade is forged from my signature Laminated Steel (410 stainless with a high-carbon 80CRV2 core), and is fully hand-finished.  The handle is stabilized "toasted" curly maple (colored with heat, not dye), attached with black composite pins and finished in a soft satin.  

The sheath is my Semi-pouch design.  Made to hold a knife securely and yet be able to get the knife into action with only a swift tug, it gives the best combination of speed and security I have seen in a leather sheath.  High-ride belt loop to fit up to a 1.75" belt in right hand.

Blade is 5.5" with an overall length of 10.75".

Pistol not included.

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