Combat #4 Elite

The Combat #4 Elite is forged from the same Laminated Steel as the standard Combat #4, but entirely hand-finished.  The bolster design took me a while to settle on, but in the end I love the way they look.  You see, one of the distinguishing features of the standard Combat #4 is there there are no straight lines anywhere on the knife.  All curves.  And yet when it comes to bolsters, the easiest thing to do is to at least make a straight line where the handle material meets the bolster material.  However in the drawings, it just looked wrong, so I made that a curve as well, and getting it to not only look right in drawings but to fit right on the knife was the challenge.  

The bolsters are hand-finished stainless or damascus mated to different stabilized hardwoods, ivories or horn, secured with domed nickel silver pins.  

The sheaths are the standard Combat #4 semi-pouch, but in a Dragonskin finish or plain finish (per individual knife).  If you don't mind me pointing out the obvious, a new Combat #4 Elite would make a very nice companion to the standard Combat #4 you already own....

These are Standard models, so if you are interested in getting one, please let me know.  

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