Damascus Jungle Sword

Sometimes you just need to make something crazy.....something that when you hold it it just gets your blood flowing! (The blood inside you.  When the blood flows on the outside you - which this knife can arrange - it's a whole different experience.) 

This piece has a woodgrain pattern damascus blade of 80CRV2 and 15N20 steels - 150 layers in all.  It has a lot of distortion to the pattern creating a ladder effect across the surface.  It is lighter than it looks (26 oz.), and also longer.  The long clip point blade is married to a textured wenge handle that is longer than usual, providing two distinct grip points for either more control or more power. The handle is attached with four domed bronze pins.

The handle is textured Dragonskin leather with a high-ride "V" notch loop.

Blade is around 14.5" with an overall just over 21"

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